About Us

Atelli is an interior design & furniture firm established in 2012. The beginning of our company milestone is from our founder’s passion of various woody varieties, art of furniture, and the beauty of interior design. Atelli Interior & Furniture Specialize not only in living and commercial interior design project, but also produce wood veneer-laminated furniture. Atelli is led by competent and experienced interior designers who possess strong resilience and dedication to ensure and help our client to achieve their satisfaction and goals.

Vision :                                                                                     

To be a world well – known interior design and furniture company by embedding Quality Work and On – time Delivery manners with pride to clients and markets.


Mission :

It’s our mission to commit, focus, and have strong sheer will to create and to deliver the best art and timeless beauty in achieving consumer desires. Our factory Equipped by the latest technology in the industry and handled by experienced craftsmanship while aiming only at perfection to produce masterpiece within premium raw materials and Quality Work. And striving the awareness by implemented good time – management on schedule in order to be On – time Delivery to worldwide and local area.